Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh well.....

Much has happened since my last post.... both within Eve, and outside. The key events being...

  • The ongoing war between ED/IRC and RA/friends which has now continued unabated for longer than most would have expected.
  • Real life jumping up and biting my wife and I in real life, i.e. my wife was made redundant from her job.

Even though my lovely wife rejected my offer of closing some accounts, I decided to at least try and cover some cost via the purchase of plex passes, through the generation of isk. At the time the only way available was a return to empire...

With my selection of characters, I decided to try my hand and empire mining, utilising two characters (specced for mining 'Gormn and Mollernak') in hulks, with a third in an orca proving bonuses and hauling capacity. However after time in 0.0 mining, the returns from this exercise were demoralising to say the least.

Meanwhile the burnout being felt by some within Cassus Beli, both in terms of morale, ships, and isk was starting to show. Following several discussions a decision to look for a new home was made, and Cassus Beli left Ethereal Dawn

The small size of a corp resulted in it being rapidly made clear we simply did not have the size to gain access to a new 0.0 alliance. However at the same time we were looking to leave a fellow corporation within ED had made the same decision - Zip Zoom Kaboom (ZZK).

The ceo of said corp was a close friend of our ceo; and we all seemed to get along, so the decision was made by Cassus Beli to merge into ZZK, and ZZK welcomed us all in to the corp.

With that decision also came a decision to return to 0.0, albeit this time as a member of Aggression alliance in Immensea. As a result I have spent most the weekend moving ships, and gear out into a new home.

Indeed this is a big change a new home, a new region; as my 0.0 life up to now has always been within Drone Regions. The change in region means no more drone rats, but proper bounty rats. Hopefully this help with my plan to fund at least my third account via plex passes.

Also old enemies are now friends (i.e. Atlas alliance), which will be fun as many of their pilots I have respected fromt he other side. Though luckily some enemies remain the same, i.e. RA alliance.

Interesting days and weeks ahead....