Sunday, December 6, 2009

Don't cry for me......

.. the truth is we always hated you.

With the patch to dominion, has come many many many great new improvements
  • Mail - that is usable and easy to manage
  • Browser - that actually works
  • Fleet finder - wee hee can find a fleet without spamming the channels
But for me, the one that made me the most happy is the "report as isk spammer" under the context menu for characters.

Since playing with my wife in empire, I have again been reminded just what a scourge on the game isk spammers are, so any step to make reporting them a one-click experience is plus in my opinion.

Needless to say there will be abuse, but I think it will be easy to tell who is, or isn't, an isk spammer (transactions to lots of different characters, 3,000 mails offering 1b isk for only $49.99, etc).

Go CCP.....

Aside from that the impact of the changes, and just what it really means to me as a cap pilot was brought home by a couple of killmail
As a cap pilot, that DID use my carrier to run stuff to low sec from 0.0, all I can say is yikes...