Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blah blah blah....

0.0 warfare is well and truly broken at the moment.

Gone are the good fights, and instead they are replaced by races to get into the system in question first.

Even when the "2nd" to arrive has greater numbers, the risk of jumping in, and being lagged out, is so high, that they usually turn and leave.

In short very very very very very very boring!!!

However, having been in the jumping in side once, I can not criticise any FC from turning from that situation, the loss in ships and morale is just too great...

C'mon CCP lets get this sorted ASAP!!!

Despite this, I have been participating in as many operations staged by my alliance as RL has allowed (given that here it is summer, and so outside activities have been taking priority).

I did find myself yesterday in a situation for the first time, with me helping to reinforce a POS belonging to the BPINC corporation I used to belong to.

Seeing someone I respected and flew with less than a year ago, inside the shields of the POS I was bashing, was somewhat disconcerting, but I've always known it was going to happen at some point.

Although I would never go out of my way to shoot a friend that was red to me, when it comes to outright warfare, it's just par for the course, and I'd expect nothing less from them.

In other news, my wife is now well and truly addicted to Eve it seems, and indeed on the day we were going away, she logged in before 7am to "check skills" - the words of an addict.

I'm so proud....

This is admittedly one of my least thought out posts, but conscious that I have not posted in a bit, I thought I should at least put up something, to show that I am in fact still playing, and haven't forgotten about my blog.