Thursday, September 25, 2008


.... until Evasive Maneuvering V is complete. I'm training Kahamahl for interceptors after all. Truth is, as I see it I have four broad options going forward for this character...
  1. Mission running
  2. Out with my mains in 0.0
  3. Continue with faction warfare
  4. Piracy
Mission running, although a regular income, really holds not interest for me, and to be honest my cap pilot would be suited for the job (using JC's). Also, running more than two clients (as well as Teamspeak/Ventrillo, etc) on a single machine is not the best of ideas. So option two is out of the question as well. So this only leaves two options to be considered.

Continuing with Faction warfare for the time being is the most likely course for me, it gives me a good way to get some small gang fights when my 0.0 home is quiet, and I don't want to rat/mine.

Long term though, well to quote Mynxee I think I may be Pi-curious.... Ironically my 2nd main was originally intended for a life of piracy, but at that time I was still new to PvP and a second character working with my other main was of more use.

Also, another reason for wanting to take up piracy with Kahamahl is that my 0.0 home has become largely quiet (atm), and this would allow me to fly weapons free, without fear of sparking a diplomatic incident or flying 50 jumps just in hope of finding a target.

So how does this tie in to training interceptors you ask, well the simple reality is that they have been for a long time my favourite PvP ship, and for tackling purposes you just can't beat them.

That is not to say I am not training other ships, indeed I am also training for assault ships, and T2 modules for Gallente Battleships. But to quote my RL boss, I decided to go for a quick win, and train for Tarnis and Ares.

On a side note, if any pirates are willing to take a pirate noob (but not PvP noob ) under their wing to show the ropes for surviving a life of piracy give me a yell.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

.... I stay.

Of course I do.....

My problem is that I just unfortunately live in a TZ that has too low an Eve population. The only solution to my issue, would be to move to either the States or Europe in the real world. Which is just not something I plan to do for a game.

If I were to seriously consider leaving, I would definitely do as Shalkis suggests and go "public" within my corporation. In fact I have pretty much done that (or there was a merger) every time previously bar one....

The simple reality is that I stay because the people are good, the rats are worth the effort to kill, the money is okay, and you know what....... there is always someone to PvP with (eventually).

The question is..... what to do about Kahamahl?

Do I stay or do I go.....

I once again find myself considering whether it is time to move on from my current corp (and hence alliance).

My current corp is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable groups of people that I have had the pleasure of flying with, and indeed if I do leave it will be with much regret.

However it is becoming apparent that my RL geographic location (i.e. New Zealand) is diametrically opposed to the heavy EU nature of my current alliance, and so I find myself often reading up about fights that were while I was sitting at work.

After all, I didn't train to fly capitals, just to just use them for 0.0 logistics only....

So the thought... "should I leave?" has once again popped up in my mind.

However, it is easy to not think this through, and make a leap into the fire from the pan (been there and done that before - ended up stuck in high sec for a while). Instead, one should think about the three questions that need to be considered when joining/leaving a corp/alliance

1) What do I want from a new corp (compared to the last corp)?
- more activity in my TZ
- more PvP
- more Capital PvP
- 0.0 access with all that it entails (stations, sovereignty, etc)

2) What do I offer a possible new corp/alliance?
- Two mains (combined 60+M sp)
- Capital pilot (Carrier/Dread) with a Carrier
- Sub-Capital pilot (3 races ships up to T2 cruisers incl. T2 modules)
- I am self-sufficient (I have my own empire logistics etc)

3) Who would actually want me, or be interested?

...and there is the crunch. I have only ever twice gone out to find a new corp, and since then have relied on contacts made in the first two corps to find myself a new home. The idea of going out to try and solicit a new home, when in fact I actually enjoy being part of the group I am already in, is hard.

No doubt, if I disliked the corp it would be easy, but in fact the opposite is true.

To top that off, there are RL friends in my current corp, that I brought out to 0.0, and leaving them behind to fend for themselves, does leave a bad taste in my mouth (a bit too loyal for my own good I guess).

Ah well, in the end I will probably happily stay where I am, but the frustration at the lack of PvP in my time zone will continue to annoy.

...or maybe I will actually do something, and get out there....


Friday, September 12, 2008

I see a Square..... (reposted)

Flashcards..... yup those things. You probably like me remember them from long ago when you were at school, and developed a hatred for that way of learning "times tables" "elements tables" etc...

However, an Eve player has developed a tool (still in a beta stage I believe) using this method of learning to assist people with putting names to ships.

After all, it is important to know the difference between a Rupture v Broadsword, Blackbird v Falcon, etc. The difference being the difference between life and death in some cases.

Usually most people learn ships over time, however any tool like this that will help people clamber up the cliff that is the Eve learning curve is a big plus to the community.

I know I could have used a tool like this, when I first moved out to 0.0, and into PvP. The ability to quickly identify threats, the risk level they pose, and prioritise.... is not only a required skill of FCs, but of every PvPer.

Also Zero Punctuation has reviewed Eve..... (oh dear)

Now to be honest, I have laugh at his review... because to a large degree it is true. Oh and also I just love his sense of humour

However, he has unfortunately completely missed the point of Eve - THE COMMUNITY, indeed from the moment he stated he was avoiding Player Corporations, I knew the review was doomed.

.... and personally, any corp that makes it always feel like you're logging on to your second job, is not a corp I'd want to join or stay in.

(reposted due to issues with the date of the post not matching when it was actually posted)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts

To anyone that may be following my blog, apologies for the lack of posts over the last week or so.

Real Life has unfortunately once again taken over all of my spare time, and so time available to log into Eve has just disappeared.

That is not to say I haven't been playing any games (trust me I require it for my sanity).

Instead I have been playing Team Fortress as an ideal way to let of stress... there's something so therapeutic about imagining the other team being people you work for, and with. It is a bit harder to imagine a ship as a person you work with..... unfortunately.

While I've been away from Eve, my three characters have continued to train, and indeed one reached a milestone of being able to now fly three races up to T2 cruisers, as well as the appropriate T2 weapon systems.

It is interesting, the longer you play, and the more SP you have, it gets harder and harder to just pick a skill to train... indeed for my two mains I now find that the next skill i usually need, is a 10+ day skill, or in many cases 20+ days.

Anyhow, hopefully RL will quieten down soon, and I will be able to set aside the time you need for a decent Eve session or two....