Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long time no post....

The move out to Immensea and into Aggression, was (as no doubt most would know) a bit of a mistake....

The ability to get regular PvP lead to me have a lot of fun while we were there... Indeed I could safely say I went of some of my most enjoyable roams ever, while we were there.

However it soon became obvious that not everything was right... i.e. cyno jamming of station systems, but not communicating the location of jump bridges so caps could be moved in and out of the systems.

The public "emo" nature of the implosion, left those of us out in Immensea with a narrow time frame to get out before the eventual piling in of hostiles. Luckily my carrier gave me the facility to get my T2 ships, and those of my friends, out. However, I had to self destruct all my Battleships, as the risks in trying to get them out at that point was just getting a bit too high - Insurance Fraud ftw.

Luckily, my time in empire (again) was short, with a friend from our time in BPINC sponsoring a number of us from ZZK into Morsus Mihi, via what is turning out to be one fantastic corporation.
Unfortunately my bad luck did continue a bit longer, and over a short time frame I managed to lose two ravens, and two hulks in less than a couple of days.

At one point I got to the point of having less than 40m between all of my characters, but luckily this has climbed a bit recently, with me choosing to liquidise some assets (i.e. selling my dread to the corp).

Indeed much of that isk has now been invested into long term isk making ventures, as I am utterly sick of not having any regular income... i.e. I'm getting into inventing and t2 production.

Also another development is that my wife showed some interest in playing a MMO, and as much as I love Eve I could not recommend it as a first MMO, and so (together with her) I am once again playing WOW (stop the hissing), albeit extremely casually.

Anyhow, this is just a quick blog to say I am still alive, and still playing eve (albeit on a short sabbatical right at the moment).

Indeed with some of the above developments I have some material to blog on, so I will be getting some more out over the next week or so...