Sunday, October 11, 2009

cats and dogs living together....

.... flying pigs orbiting the house, ice skating in hell, etc...

My wife now has an Eve account.

Well this is not exactly the blog I was expecting to be finding myself writing.. I had planned at some point to write a blog on the fact I was again playing wow, and that it was with my wife.

I was planning to talk about some of the interesting comparisons between the two games, and in particular how that wow was much more new player friendly
...... and then she goes and decides to give eve a go after all.

Now, it's still early days (i.e. we're talking less than 24 hours), but it is interesting to see how the tutorial is compared to when I last went through it.

There is no question it is 100% more user friendly than when I did it, but it is still needing a bit more polish. I found myself several times leaning over to suggest smarter ways of doing certain tasks, ways that to me should have been being pointed out in the tutorial.

However despite this, the focus on introducing professions (the point she has reached due to only a short stint so far) is good to see. Eve has so many paths that it is vital the newer players are given a bit more of a heads up for what is possible.

The inclination of myself and the other individual that has strongly suggested she give it a go, is that she will go down the industrial path. However just as likely she could choose a mission running path, or trading, or.....

That is what truly special about eve, the fact that any person can choose any path, at any point in their game career. Be it a year or a single day after starting the game.

I'm trying to not over suggest any path, instead just (together with a mutual friend) contributing some isk to her starting fund, so no matter what she picks she hit the road running.