Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frigates down......

Well not in the sense you'd expect....

As of early yesterday my character Mollernak gained the ability to fly Amarr T2 frigates destroyers (having earlier gained the ability to use T2 lasers).

In itself this is no major achievement, however this is the fourth race I have now reached this achievement for. As such I have the ability to fly every T2 frigate and regular Interdictor in the game.

The funny thing is that I have never hopped into any Amarr ship, and so only know them as targets. To the point I didn't even know which laser type was long range, and which was short range; all I know is that they are armour tankers, use lasers, and need lots of cap.

So now begins the slow process of determining; which Amarr frigates deserve a place in my ship hangers, and what is the best way to fit them.

As always I plan to start with the interceptors, Malediction and Crusader; so if anyone has advice please feel free to share it with me.

Once I have finished small beam/pulse specialisation skills to level IV, I will begin the train to be able to use the T2 Amarr cruisers, with T2 lasers, so pilgrim/curse/zealot/etc here I come.

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John Calvin Hall said...

Good move on your part! I confess, I am extremely biased toward Amarrian hulls. Their armor is tough, and they are downright beautiful to look at.

My personal recommendation is the Punisher Class vessels (both in T1 and T2). Though they are not the fastest, their armor is very serious.

Gabby likes the Punisher because they have a 24-man crew. He's not wild on the single person frigates, because he likes to spend time with people, and the Punisher (though it can be flown by a single capsuleer) works very well with a full compliment.

If you are looking for speed and fire-power, I would recommend the Crusader. Add Gatlin II Pulse Lasers and a Heat Sink, and you have lots of speed and a laser that can keep up on the tracking, when you are in tight orbits.

Do well and fly safe.