Monday, August 11, 2008


The hiatus is now officially over.

In the space of two short days my addiction is back, and I'm mainlining as much PvP as I can.

My alliance has once again let lose the dogs of war (someone REALLY annoyed the leader of my alliance), and once again I find myself in a carrier in a hostile system (or jumping back and forth to get stront for the sieging dreads).

When the first days hostilities came to a temporary stop (damn Dread pilots needing to sleep, where's your commitment?), I found myself sitting thinking... "but... but I need more PvP?!"

5 minutes later..... Kahamahl was x'd up and heading out for the first time into the field of war called "Black Rise" in a Thorax.

The first Thorax didn't last long, and I was quickly back in Villore, buying a new ship to replace the one I just lost (congrats Victoria Ehr), before heading back out.

I quickly got the hang of using the Thorax (damn it seems slow after my Stiletto/Crow/Taranis), and indeed got to have a lot of fun over the following hours either chasing (or running from) our enemy, the Caldari scum (the irony being that over half my characters are Caldari).

Even taking breaks (to go back to the alliance war), I still managed to get a total of four kills over the 6 hours on that first day; two battleships, and two battle cruisers. I was pretty happy with my first attempt.

So what did I learn from my first experience in FW:
  1. It's fun, there's no sovereignty to worry about (no, faction sov does not count)
  2. There are good FCs leading FW fleets, and there are bad ones as well.
  3. People signed up with factions aren't as homogeneous as you'd expect (I saw a lot of drakes, Crows, Ravens, and even a vulture for example, in the Gallente fleet).
  4. It's fun, there is always something happening it seems, and 'nearly' everyone has the right attitude.
  5. Fleets seem to be light on Battleships (at least when I was trying it out).
  6. Plenty of experienced pilots participating -I flew with people that I have flown with (and against) before on both sides.
  7. The scale of the "battle field" is nice and small (no 100 jump journeys)
  8. It's as cheap, or as expensive as you want to make it (you will lose ships, but who cares, you can control how much you spend).
  9. Caldari Faction pilots are too rich for their own good - I mean seriously Faction ships in PvP???? - Hookbill pilot, I'm looking at you....
  10. Did I mention it's fun??

As for the Thorax... well I am enjoying it, it is a good fun ship, very capable in small gangs (as I'd read/heard before), and is a good choice "so far" for FW, for me. However I am already starting to look into my next choice, and using Evemon are planning for a Brutix before moving on to the Gallente Battleships...

As a small aside, boy is it a pain to fit a ship when your fitting skills are rubbish, compared to what you are used to.

Unfortunately, after that first stint, the war back in 0.0 ramped up, and I had to concentrate back on that for the rest of the weekend (at least it felt like that). Though on a positive note I did get 20 kills in my carrier in a single lag free engagement on a POS over an hour - which was a blast.

I really do need to make some isk over the next day or so, I have ships to buy/replace, new fighters (damn manned POS guns), POS to fuel, etc...

But my trade alt does have 300m spare, and that could buy a bunch of Thorax's, and some Brutix's...... hmmmmmmm


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