Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh dear....

... my factional warfare experiment appears to be going nowhere, fast.

The character continues to skill up, and already has some ships fitted and ready to go, but I just haven't got into it yet.

To be fair though, this is not a reflection on FW, but more a reflection on me suffering one of those "periods". You know, when you suddenly just seem to find it hard to log in and play, when your other non-MMO games suddenly seem more appealing, or god forbid tv seems more watchable.

Obviously family, friends, pets, and RL in general is always more important, than Eve, and indeed some variation in ones gaming is always good. However, there comes a point when you realise you are only logging into Eve for the purpose of changing skills, adjusting market orders, and to check eve-mail in hope of an alliance op.

This is not to say that I am going to quit Eve (so cancel any "Can I have your stuff?" requests), but more that I have been on a hiatus for a wee bit

As for the this lack motivation, all that I can deduce is that it is due to my main alliance being in what is essentially a period on consolidation after a long period of open hostility, and then outright war.

Peace is boring.....

Why this has stopped me from getting into FW I don't know, indeed it makes no sense. All I can deduce is that this is due to a sense of guilt that if I do log in, I should be doing alliance stuff, or helping my in-game friends.


I think I will make a point of logging in to play FW tonight.... but then... that movie sitting there is looking mighty interesting.

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