Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

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This month's topic comes to us from
PsycheDiver: Ambulation: What are your hopes for your avatar and new functionality of stations?

What do I hope??

To be honest I don't know what to hope for... and in all likelihood will not be disappointed whatever we may get.

On the other hand, do I know what I don't hope for??
  • Everyone running around like they're jacked into the mains
  • People feeling the need to stand in a spot and jump, jump, jump, jump........
  • The dreaded "/dance" being used just about EVERYWHERE
  • ...continued frothing at the mouth
My greatest concern for ambulation is not that it will not meet the community's (and mine) expectations, but rather that it will live up to our worse fears.

Although the RP element in Eve is small, and that most people talk "Out Of Character"; it is safe to say that most of us do enjoy the immersive nature of Eve.

In an odd way the lack of avatar control allowed, and indeed forced, players to imagine a world that their characters could inhabit, either through the Eve's art, trailers, written lore, or even just through the aesthetic nature of stations/ships/etc.

With ambulation comes the chance that we may individually find that our view of the Eve characters life does not match that of CCPs, or indeed the rest of the community....

Will this risk breaking some players investment into the game? Possibly, however CCP have stated it will be an optional aspect of Eve, and that everything you can do from your ship now, will still be possible from your ship after ambulation.

The problem is that this will likely result in empire space stations being empty, with no reason to talk to each other directly or to leave the ship, most people will likely stay inside their ships. While ironically in 0.0, where Alliances can have a strong sense of community, there will already be good reason to interact outside of the ships.

The obvious solution would be to "make" people use ambulation, however that is likely to be counter productive and could result in a "Star Wars: NGE" like drama; which is likely why it will remain optional.

Instead, following the most logical course, CCP have indicated that they will add new game play, that provides a reason for people to leave their ships... Shops, "Saloons" with "in-game" games of chance, and the such like.

Again, this simply adds to the reasons why I believe ambulation will end up being quite popular in the depths of 0.0, despite all the likely protestations that we'd rather CCP just focused on lag instead.
  • The ability to have briefing sessions to communicate to a gang (prior to setting out); where they are going, why, and how they could get back if it went wrong.
  • Provide a means for players to just congregate in an area, without looking like the morning commute traffic jam.
  • Customisation of avatars, without the risk of impacting on the main combat game engine.
  • Morale building, and non-ship entertainment - i.e. gaming and the such like.
The benefits will be huge to 0.0 alliances trying to coordinate pilots and build their morale. Though just how ambulation will work in conjunction to the external 3rd party voice applications, does remain a concern.

However, for all these possible benefits and best intentions, CCP can not control the human element.

So the risk remains; that having provided the tools, it will be only a matter of time until some one goes and organises a massive zombie like conga line through the Jita 4-4 station while singing the BeeGees....... or something like that.



PsycheDiver said...


I think it was mentioned somewhere that CCP would leave that sort of stupid crap out and have avatars acting realistically.

Good post. I like how fears came into the equation.

I hope you enjoyed the topic.

Mynxee said...

CCP seems more prone to support gritty "realism" with a touch of comedy rather annoying silliness--let's hope implementation of ambulation mechanics will reflect that.

WTM said...

Indeed CCP has stated they will leave some of the silliness out, but I can't help worry that certain "elements" will not matter what find a way to turn it into something silly anyway.

But in any case, I'm looking forward to ambulation.

Manasi said...

Nice post..would you mind updating your link to me with the new updated site?

Thanks very kindly