Monday, May 10, 2010



It has been a bit since I've last blogged regularly, actually that's quite a while in fact, but I am going to be working on making it a more regularly thing here on.

My wife is now well and truly addicted, and together our little t2 business is humming along nicely, but that is to be the subject of my next post (I promise it won't be far away).

Rather, this post is more related to the other evidence of her addiction. Namely, that she has 2nd account on which she is training a logistics pilot to go to 0.0

As a result of her decision, I've actually increased the amount of time I spend in a logistics myself. In fact it would be more accurate to say I am somewhat dedicated to the ship type currently.

.... and I am having a ball!!!

The play style is uniquely different to the normal pvp roles you experience.

Instead of having an overview of reds, you typically have your "purples" showing, so you can maintain a good position in relation to the rest of the fleet (i.e. keep them within your rep range, but also not slip to the edge of the fleet too much).

Your main focus becomes the both the broadcast window, for your fellow gang makes screaming "MEDIC" as they are primaried... Once you see that broadcast, it becomes a race to lock them up, and start repping them in hope of saving them.

The sight of a fellow pilots armour/shields going back up, even under full fire from the enemy, is truly a sense of satisfaction.

Of course at the same time you are doing this, you are also watching your watch list, that typically is populated with the other logistics in your fleet, so that can be prioritised if they come under fire. Though it does feel bad to abandon a pilot in a BS to save a logistics, it is the right call, as every dead logistic makes the enemies job that much easier.

To top this off, you also have the issue that you have de-target ships, once they have been repped, or you find yourself all out of targeting slots for the new ships being targeted, assuming you saved the ships.

While throughout this, you also have to listen to an FC bark orders to primary X, while listening for the important orders that still apply to you; align, warp, jump, hold, etc....

Logistics is not an easy job.

However at the end of a fight, when the fleet realises that although the enemy was wiped out, our fleet lost barely anyone, and that was due to the logistic pilots; the sense of satisfaction in a job well done is immense.

It is a role that I now love, and I find myself sitting on 4 logistics ships currently on my hanger, and with the capability of building two of the four races of ships. Indeed I have now the ability to fly all four races, and have logistics to V, purely because of the joy I get from this role.

Logistics, give it a go!!!!


Egwenne said...

Flying ships is a whole other mind set. I first put a pilot in one to help in carebearing, allowed me to fit for nearly pure DPS and still tank anything I ran into, so the grind went a lot faster. I can fly the Guardian and Scimitar myself, working on Logistics 5 atm, was so I could help out U'K but I am being terminated soo (that is a post all it's own on my blog) but still, Logi are fun little ships to fly and can truly make the difference in battle, most pilots don't think about Logi till they need your help, but that seems to be the case with most support roles anywhere you go.

Fly Safe and keep those rep running :-)

WTM said...

I've not used logistics for pve, but can see how that would work quite nicely, in fact it's something for me to have a look into I reckon.