Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deja Vu.......

Once again I find myself bailing out of a null sec home, towards empire as fast as my little warp drives (or jump drives) can carry me.

As is now common knowledge, the northern power that was the Northern Coalition has been quite effectively smashed.

The forces of the DRF and their allies have changed the face of Sov warfare, and unfortunately we (the alliances that make up the NC) did not adapt, or recognise the the severity of the threat until it was too late.

So here I find myself, for the fourth time in my eve career*, packing all my stuff into ships, and getting out of dodge. So far 95% of my assets are now safe, while the remaining 5% I burn by assisting with others moving, or doing some quick pvp in what is a target rich environment.

I must admit I am having some of the most fun pvping that I have had in quite some time, the pressure has gone, and so I can relax into the fights, and enjoy them for what they are, rather than worry about "winning".

As for the future, we'll see, but at this point I see no need, or desire, for my wife and I to leave our current corporation. It is a community of friends, and no matter what happens I know we will succeed.

Finally, a piece of truly genius satire (regardless of it's accuracy or inaccuracy), it is just too damn funny and even Vuk posted it himself (proof he has a sense of humour).

* Interesting fact - All four times I have had to evacuate, it is has been with Russian pilots hot at my heels.

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