Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey this ain't the same......

I have to admit something

Something that I am somewhat embarrassed about.

Kahamahl: "Hi...., my name is Kahamahl"

Everyone: "Hi Kahamahl"

Kahamahl:"I'm here, because I have a problem!"

Kahamahl: "I almost lost my Tristan today, doing a level one mission!!!"

Everyone: "NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well okay, not really.... But I am finding that getting standings for Kahamahl, so that he can join a Factional Warfare corp, has proven to take longer than expected due to not spending much time online.

Kahamahl is now sitting at 0.48 with the Gallente Federation, having followed Van Hemlock's advice in Path to Acceptance. So following the path of least resistance, I am now running missions for a level one agent; in a Tristan.

This is where I have to admit there is some truth behind the earlier mention of a particular ship.

First some background. My two regular mains, fly mostly either small fast movers (speed tanking) or Caldari (shield tanking). As such my experience with armour tanking is somewhat less impressive.

During a recent mission, I had got right into the middle of the rats I was fighting, and although I was popping them left, right, and centre, I was also starting to take some damage.

"No worries" I thought, giggling at their pathetic damage. But eventually, down went the shield. Then they started to chew into the armour itself, but still I was not even vaguely concerned.

My finger hovering over the repair button, ready to click, just waiting for the armour to get low enough to warrant using the repair (after all no point wasting cap). Sure enough the moment came, with the armour nearly all gone, I clicked and waited to laugh at them as my armour climbed back up.

However I had forgotten a fundamental difference between active tanking shields and armour, namely that the HP boost comes at the end of the module cycle for armour (not the beginning like shields).

So though the repairer was now active, the armour just kept falling for the duration of the cycle, right through the last of the armour and into the hull itself - gulp.

Then suddenly the first cycle finished, and up shoots the armour... Ship intact, but pride damaged.

This little event, though never really getting out of hand, has made me reevaluate my plan for this character. The original plan of skilling straight for Interceptors, is essentially just repeating what I have done with my other mains. Instead, I'm considering whether I should skill for cruisers first? After all, the skill training time is pretty minimal for Kahamahl at this stage (only a few days).

Indeed was not my aim with this character to try something new, to try stuff differently??

That's not to say that I will not still skill for the fantastic Taranis and Ares, but I think I owe it to myself to try out not only a race I have limited experience with (Gallente) but also a hull size that I had skipped over, and an entire method of tanking.

Thorax! Here I come....

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