Friday, June 24, 2011

Jumping the Shark

  • US$65 for a Monocle?
  • More for an in-game shirt, than it would cost to buy a shirt in the real world?

It would appear CCP has reached their "Jump the shark" moment

I initially looked at walking in stations positively, as a way to increase the appeal of Eve to a greater number of people, and also give us more options for how to intereact in the game. Many regarded it as a waste of time, but I held faith that it would be used by people in ways we didn't expect to create new gameplay to enrich the game for us all.

However it appears some people's greatest fears have proven true, and walking in stations has become nothing more than the thin end of the wedge...

With the release of the "Greed is good" PDF, it is become apparent that CCP will not be happy, until we get nothing from our subscription but the walls of the sandbox, and a thin layer of sand at the bottom. If we want enough sand to do anything meaningful, or indeed the ability to use "tools" then they will all need to paid for seperately.

We all subscribed to Eve, on the basis of it being a subscription model, of it being a fixed monthly cost to enjoy what was the premium sandbox game, one that allowed us all to do whatever we wanted. Now CCP want to change this, and they assume we will all smile and take it....

Another sci-fi game did this... it was called Star Wars Galaxies, CCP should remember this, after all it gave them a nice big influx of players who left that game in disgust, when it happened.

Please CCP, step away from the kool aid, step away from the edge of the cliff, step away from your NGE, DON'T JUMP THAT SHARK

We love this game, but you are making it too appealing to look over the neighbouring fences, to see what is available.

There have been some great blogs, articulating better than I, just how retarded this all is, so in the interest of spreading their thoughts here are links to some of them

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