Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is your response CCP?

200+ page threadnaughts, people protesting in game by capping out the trade systems, and you think this vomit suffices as a response?

My last post I said I thought you had reached the point of jumping the shark, but now I realise that does not even come close to describe what a monumental fuck up in motion we are witnessing here.

Protip - When you find yourself in a hole, a good first step is to stop digging!

Nowhere in your response is the elephant in the room (namely pay to win) addressed, more you dismiss it as all being about
  1. The price of the current vanity items,
  2. The way in which the player base have reacted.

Okay, to address the points, I think I speak for most people, when I say I don't give a rat's arse about vanity items, though maybe if it was more price sensitive maybe I would have got some stuff to "spiffy" up my characters, but to be honest this is all shiny pony stuff. But as long as it remains shiny pony stuff, I don't care... in fact it's a good way to visibly identify the "tools" in the game.

Of course we have reacted violently, we as players have a lot invested in this game, in fact for many of us it is a hobby (rather than just a game), so of course we are upset when you threaten that investment, or the way our hobby works.

Between my wife and I we have a total of 7 accounts, which we pay for directly, so that makes Eve one of our biggest expenses. At US$105 a month, this is more than we pay for our cellphones, our home phone, and our internet - COMBINED. Indeed aside from food, petrol and rent, it is our biggest sole expense.

We love this game, we want to play it as long as it is possible, but we're not comfortable spending that sort of money each month if we can't trust the developers.

CCP - you have lost the players trust, and with every response you are making it is getting worse.

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Anonymous said...

Unsub now. Save your $105 a month and hopefully before your accounts expire they do something. I doubt it though. :(