Friday, September 12, 2008

I see a Square..... (reposted)

Flashcards..... yup those things. You probably like me remember them from long ago when you were at school, and developed a hatred for that way of learning "times tables" "elements tables" etc...

However, an Eve player has developed a tool (still in a beta stage I believe) using this method of learning to assist people with putting names to ships.

After all, it is important to know the difference between a Rupture v Broadsword, Blackbird v Falcon, etc. The difference being the difference between life and death in some cases.

Usually most people learn ships over time, however any tool like this that will help people clamber up the cliff that is the Eve learning curve is a big plus to the community.

I know I could have used a tool like this, when I first moved out to 0.0, and into PvP. The ability to quickly identify threats, the risk level they pose, and prioritise.... is not only a required skill of FCs, but of every PvPer.

Also Zero Punctuation has reviewed Eve..... (oh dear)

Now to be honest, I have laugh at his review... because to a large degree it is true. Oh and also I just love his sense of humour

However, he has unfortunately completely missed the point of Eve - THE COMMUNITY, indeed from the moment he stated he was avoiding Player Corporations, I knew the review was doomed.

.... and personally, any corp that makes it always feel like you're logging on to your second job, is not a corp I'd want to join or stay in.

(reposted due to issues with the date of the post not matching when it was actually posted)


Mynxee said...

I don't particularly worry about identifying ships by sight since my overview tells me their type. But that is one really useful and fun tool for jogging one's memory for associating ship names with types and descriptions. Thank you so much for sharing this. Really helpful.

WTM said...

Yeah... it's more that making a connection between name and capability that is where this helps.

I probably focussed ont he visual aspect a bit much in my description...

Though wouldn't it be fun if you have to rely on visual identification of ships....