Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do I stay or do I go.....

I once again find myself considering whether it is time to move on from my current corp (and hence alliance).

My current corp is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable groups of people that I have had the pleasure of flying with, and indeed if I do leave it will be with much regret.

However it is becoming apparent that my RL geographic location (i.e. New Zealand) is diametrically opposed to the heavy EU nature of my current alliance, and so I find myself often reading up about fights that were while I was sitting at work.

After all, I didn't train to fly capitals, just to just use them for 0.0 logistics only....

So the thought... "should I leave?" has once again popped up in my mind.

However, it is easy to not think this through, and make a leap into the fire from the pan (been there and done that before - ended up stuck in high sec for a while). Instead, one should think about the three questions that need to be considered when joining/leaving a corp/alliance

1) What do I want from a new corp (compared to the last corp)?
- more activity in my TZ
- more PvP
- more Capital PvP
- 0.0 access with all that it entails (stations, sovereignty, etc)

2) What do I offer a possible new corp/alliance?
- Two mains (combined 60+M sp)
- Capital pilot (Carrier/Dread) with a Carrier
- Sub-Capital pilot (3 races ships up to T2 cruisers incl. T2 modules)
- I am self-sufficient (I have my own empire logistics etc)

3) Who would actually want me, or be interested?

...and there is the crunch. I have only ever twice gone out to find a new corp, and since then have relied on contacts made in the first two corps to find myself a new home. The idea of going out to try and solicit a new home, when in fact I actually enjoy being part of the group I am already in, is hard.

No doubt, if I disliked the corp it would be easy, but in fact the opposite is true.

To top that off, there are RL friends in my current corp, that I brought out to 0.0, and leaving them behind to fend for themselves, does leave a bad taste in my mouth (a bit too loyal for my own good I guess).

Ah well, in the end I will probably happily stay where I am, but the frustration at the lack of PvP in my time zone will continue to annoy.

...or maybe I will actually do something, and get out there....



Shalkis said...

My advice would be to "go public" with your (completely legitimate) issue and then ask your alliance whether they can recommend a corporation/alliance that has high standings with them. This way there will be no bad blood or misunderstandings, and you can still go help your friends when needed.

WTM said...

Agreed mate, and if I did choose to leave, that would be exactly how I would go about it.