Thursday, September 25, 2008


.... until Evasive Maneuvering V is complete. I'm training Kahamahl for interceptors after all. Truth is, as I see it I have four broad options going forward for this character...
  1. Mission running
  2. Out with my mains in 0.0
  3. Continue with faction warfare
  4. Piracy
Mission running, although a regular income, really holds not interest for me, and to be honest my cap pilot would be suited for the job (using JC's). Also, running more than two clients (as well as Teamspeak/Ventrillo, etc) on a single machine is not the best of ideas. So option two is out of the question as well. So this only leaves two options to be considered.

Continuing with Faction warfare for the time being is the most likely course for me, it gives me a good way to get some small gang fights when my 0.0 home is quiet, and I don't want to rat/mine.

Long term though, well to quote Mynxee I think I may be Pi-curious.... Ironically my 2nd main was originally intended for a life of piracy, but at that time I was still new to PvP and a second character working with my other main was of more use.

Also, another reason for wanting to take up piracy with Kahamahl is that my 0.0 home has become largely quiet (atm), and this would allow me to fly weapons free, without fear of sparking a diplomatic incident or flying 50 jumps just in hope of finding a target.

So how does this tie in to training interceptors you ask, well the simple reality is that they have been for a long time my favourite PvP ship, and for tackling purposes you just can't beat them.

That is not to say I am not training other ships, indeed I am also training for assault ships, and T2 modules for Gallente Battleships. But to quote my RL boss, I decided to go for a quick win, and train for Tarnis and Ares.

On a side note, if any pirates are willing to take a pirate noob (but not PvP noob ) under their wing to show the ropes for surviving a life of piracy give me a yell.


Mynxee said...'re gonna have fun!

WTM said...

I hope so....

The simple reality is that my "solo PvP" experience is fairly limited, so am expecting to lose a few ships.

So yeah, pointers will be appreciated.